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foil stamp.

Foil stamping for a high end effect on business cards, invitations, folders, reports.
Get Brilliant Results With Hot Foil Stamping


How do you make your business cards, invitations, folders or packaging stand out? With hot foil stamping!  You get an irresistible focus point, and a unique effect that you simply can’t achieve with metallic inks. Consider adding foil to your next project, and see why leading businesses, casinos and other organizations use foil for outstanding results.

With foil stamping from Grover Cleveland Press, you get:

  • A wide variety of color choices

  • Your choice of finishes, including matte, glossy, metallic and holographic

  • The option for prismatic imaging, for images that actually change color

  • Coverage on nearly any sheet up to 20" x 28"

  • Other materials – we’ve foil stamped leather and other non-traditional surfaces


How foil stamping works:


Foil stamping starts with a brass, copper or magnesium die. As the die presses the foil onto the paper or other material, a combination of heat and pressure releases the foil and makes it adhere. Each type of die material has its benefits:

  • Brass – provides fine heat conductivity, longer life and is usually hand-tooled or mechanically engraved

  • Copper – offers long life, conducts heat the best, and can be photo-engraved

  • Magnesium – the most cost effective - for short runs


Let us help guide you through the process:

At Grover Cleveland Press, we have a reputation for exceptional work when it comes to hot foil stamping. We understand that there are many mechanical issues involved with hot foil stamping that can affect the finished quality of your piece. We prefer to work closely with you throughout the process, using our experience and expertise to help you:

  • Choose the right type of die

  • Select the optimal paper stock

  • Create well-delineated artwork that will reproduce accurately in foil

  • Design artwork with hot stamping in mind (dies will expand as they are heated – typically .020" to .030" over a 12" span – which can affect the register of the emboss)


Foil and embossing – the perfect match!


Foil is the ideal element to enhance embossing, bringing out every highlight and detail for truly spectacular results. We can do a foil stamp and emboss together in one press pass, or separately in two passes for even better quality results.

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