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Brass die that is used for emboss, deboss and foil stamping for business cards, invitations, folders and business brochures.
Embossing and Debossing for a three-dimensional effect 

To produce an embossed (raised) or debossed (recessed) image, we use a metal die to apply heat and pressure, which reshapes the paper fibers; the more pressure, the deeper the emboss or deboss. At Grover Cleveland Press, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to emboss or deboss nearly any design. While bold lines and typefaces often allow for the most dramatic effects, our advanced capabilities allow us to bring your vision to life and achieve perfect results.

Whether you choose embossing or debossing, the experts at Grover Cleveland Press offer a nearly infinite number of choices for bringing your project to life, including:

  • Printing on or around the emboss or deboss

  • Hot foil stamping in combination with the emboss or deboss; we can do the foil and emboss / deboss in one press run, or in two separate steps to allow more detail to come through

  • Creating a “blind” emboss or deboss (without printing or hot stamping) 

  • Working with copper or brass dies (let us help you choose which one is right for your project)

You can also control the shape, size and depth of your emboss and deboss, including:

  • Single level – the entire emboss or deboss is on one level

  • Multi-level – the emboss or deboss is two or more heights (or depths)

  • Sculpted – there are no levels; the resulting emboss or deboss looks and feels the most realistic

  • Beveled edges – we offer bevels from 30° to 60°, with depths from .010" to .025"

  • Round edges

  • Domed

  • V-shape chiseled

The right paper matters; the greater the weight of the paper, the more detail and depth we can achieve with an emboss or deboss. A long-fiber stock is preferred, since it is the best at accepting a deep impression. Coated stocks, while still useable in most situations, have a tendency to crack when subjected to the heat and stress of deep embossing.

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